The hummus selfie

The Middle East conflict is steeped in more than 3,000 years of history.

Realistically there is not much the public can do in 140 characters or in a Facebook post to solve the crisis, but we can move the dialogue along by pushing for peace.

Our TV screens, radios, newspapers and webpages are full of imagery and words that people on both sides of the conflict are uncomfortable with.

ChickPeace believes there is no social value in arguing out the various facets of the deeply emotive conflict on social media as this has shown to breed community tensions and racial violence.

Whatever your view on the conflict, ultimately we all want the same thing, peace.

Therefore rather than fighting eachother on the streets or online, we should all show our support for peace.

There are things that unite the people of the Middle East, namely the chickpea-based dip hummus.

If we can get people sitting around a table with a pot of hummus then we have a talking point and somewhere to launch a constructive dialogue.

You can show your support for a constructive dialogue and ultimately peace by posting a hummus selfie on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #chickpeace. Get your friends involved and ask your MP or any community leaders.

This may not solve the conflict, but will at least counter the hate on social media and hopefully keep communities united.

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