Are ‘Jewish jihadis’ doing Israel a disservice?

Journalist Anshel Pfeffer has written a Haaretz column warning that those who say Israel is always right and the world is out to get us are causing long-term damage to Israel.

He questions the usefulness of attacking journalists and the media through social media over its coverage of the conflict.

While the phrase ‘Jewish jihadis’ is politically loaded and likely to cause controversy, we think there is an important message:

He says: “The media coverage has had absolutely no impact on the diplomatic situation. With the U.S. and European governments – not to mention the Arab ones – still broadly in support of Israel, pictures of dead children in Gaza, whatever the context, have had next to no influence. But the jihad against the media has played a central part in shutting down democratic debate within Israel. Whatever the justifications of Operation Protective Edge and the hypocrisy of some of its critics, the Jewish jihadis have weakened Israel with their campaign.”

ChickPeace agrees with the view that much of this conflict has been fought out over social media, with supporters on both sides often aggressively sharing their viewpoint of the conflict and coming up with images or data to back it up.

The trouble with this approach is that this can often descend into jibes and personal abuse, when really we are working towards the same goal, peace.

We should try to dispel myths and lies, but letting the debate turn into diatribes online is not constructive 

Do you think social media has weakened or helped Israel’s image?

Read the full article here

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