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Happy Peace Day!

Today is the International Day of Peace.

It is organised by the United Nations and a whole load of events are going on worldwide to celebrate peace.

Obviously there are arguments about what such a day can achieve, and whether the UN itself makes any difference. But the event does bring people from different communities together, which has to be a good thing.

ChickPeace particularly likes the Talking Peace Festival and

FInd out more about the day on the United Nations website


Islamic Relief investigates Hamas funding allegations

One of the key concerns about the Disaster Emergency Appeal’s Gaza campaign is that some of the money goes to Islamic Relief.

This concern stems from concern by Israel that the charity gives money to the Hamas terror group.

Readers of the Jewish Chronicle cited this as a reason why they opposed an advert in the paper for the humanitarian relief campaign in Gaza

Islamic Relief has now said it will stop taking DEC money while these allegations are investigated.

So does this remove any problems with giving money to the Gaza humanitarian cause?

Full story at the Jewish News